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What we do

Ornamental + Architectural Metalsmiths

Living Design Studios is a team of artisans that design, fabricate, and install specialized architectural and ornamental related projects. Based in Erie, CO, our work is featured in museums, luxury retail stores, civic buildings, worship spaces, hotels, airports and high-end homes. We work with many different materials including all metals, wood and glass, building feature staircases, art installations, outdoor and home furnishings, custom doors, windows and much more.

How we do it

Creative Solutions to Tough Challenges

Our design team is constantly coming up with creative solutions to tough challenges and always keeping our clients' design-intent at the forefront. The Fabrication and Install groups consist of highly skilled people who take great pride in their work. Our employees exude ethics, integrity, and teamwork. We have fun and support each other. We treat our coworkers and customers with courtesy and respect. We love what we do and our passion shines through the quality and craftsmanship of our work.


Pre Construction

  • Estimates

  • Constructibility Reviews

  • Design Consultations

  • Specification Recommendations

  • Code Compliance

Project Management

  • Coordination with GC + Other Subcontractors

  • Budget + Schedule Accountability

  • Turnkey = Engineering + Electrical + Mechanical + Plumbing + Millwork + Code Compliance

  • Certified Payroll + DB Wages + Buy American + LEED + WIN + Keep Jobs in America


  • Design Assist

  • Artistic + Architectural Design Concepts

  • Architectural Concepts to Shop Drawings

  • BIM + DWG Interface

  • 3D Modeling in Rhino

  • Finish Samples + Mock Ups



  • Waterjet Cutting

  • Milling

  • Soldering, Brazing, TIG + MIG + Structural Welding

  • Blacksmithing by Hand + Pneumatic Hammer

  • Embossing + Etching

  • Braking + Bending +Rolling + Forming

  • Drilling + Tapping

  • All Forms of Decorative Detailing


  • 20 Standard Patinas

  • Custom Patinas

  • #4 Linear Grain + Mirror Polish

  • Dyed Lacquer

  • Clear Coats

  • Wet Paints

  • Outsource Galvanizing

  • Outsource Powder Coating


  • Field Measurements

  • Field Welding

  • Glass Panels

  • Lift/Crane Work

  • Finish Touch Up

  • Maintenance of Delicate Living Finishes